Posted in December 2012

I’ve been sunk in a swamp of my own creation, meeting the sleeping bear, seeing the skeletons. I’ve climbed out into the sun – glistening.I’m in my body and I’m free to go beyond.

I’ve been deep in a pit, raging at the walls, if I’d only looked up I’d have seen the light above me and my way out. But I had to almost destroy myself, impotently raging at shackled feet and dank walls. Til only a wisp was left of me, in total surrender- the fight almost … Continue reading

“As a warrior you take responsibility for holding the balance between light and dark within you and, by extension, the world around you, and ultimately when you go deep enough, the universe.” ~ Barefoot Doctor

The feminine is flowing, bubbling up from beneath the surface of skin deep manipulations and posturing. Rich and earthy, fertile and fluid. Provoking, caressing, soothing and storming. It’s flowing in us all bringing life back to barren places and stirring up silt in long-stagnant pools.  Kindness is the kernel, the seed of power. Pure acceptance, … Continue reading