“As a warrior you take responsibility for holding the balance between light and dark within you and, by extension, the world around you, and ultimately when you go deep enough, the universe.” ~ Barefoot Doctor

The feminine is flowing, bubbling up from beneath the surface of skin deep manipulations and posturing. Rich and earthy, fertile and fluid. Provoking, caressing, soothing and storming. It’s flowing in us all bringing life back to barren places and stirring up silt in long-stagnant pools.  Kindness is the kernel, the seed of power. Pure acceptance, honouring, gently guiding forth.

“She is that closest wisp of your spirit calling you to hear the lilt of your heart, to feel the tenderness, to hold all of life- in its excruciating pain and unequivocal joy.  She reminds us that it is indeed possible to hold it all.  The births and the deaths.  The star-crossed romance and the heartbreak.   Success and failures.  She grows the heart, when we think it is not possible. To wait so that we can act.

She comes in on the breeze, along the stream in the current, with the dance. We have to pause, insert a comma, or several in our daily rhythms. She needs to be tended and lured.  She lives in those pauses and in that silence- the place where the heart speaks.  She lives in the dance, in the rhythm- the place where the heart sings.” ~ Kimberley Johnson

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