I’ve been sunk in a swamp of my own creation, meeting the sleeping bear, seeing the skeletons. I’ve climbed out into the sun – glistening.I’m in my body and I’m free to go beyond.

I’ve been deep in a pit, raging at the walls, if I’d only looked up I’d have seen the light above me and my way out.

But I had to almost destroy myself, impotently raging at shackled feet and dank walls. Til only a wisp was left of me, in total surrender- the fight almost gone but a fierce desire still burning to stay, to go back, to connect, to embrace my loved ones, to let them know I had not abandoned them.

Somehow through the pain of this desire in my motionless trapped body, I travelled many lifetimes to find the key to go back, to unlock the potential and power of this moment.

Climbing is the easy part, I glide up these walls. Tearing off the shackles that held me there to destroy myself was the hard part. But in that moment, when the conscious will appeared and the lion heart was called in to play- such power was in those legs that I never doubted I’d break free- and it was easy and ecstatic.

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