Each individual and their needs is of vital importance. To love and care for ourselves – to be our whole selves fully expressed – and have joy and peace in life, is of vital importance.

By being our whole selves and having joy and peace in our lives -we are available to life and of service to life -to support life…. other people, animals, plants – the world we are a part of, the planet, the universe.

Make each choice, each step in the world, nurturing for ourselves and the life around us, remembering to pause, breathe and be present to life happening all around us all the time. To love life – in all its forms. To love living and live loving.

To explore living in its most real and beautiful forms – conscious, connected, light, deep, loving and brave. To learn from and give to others, share journeys, share life. To savour the world with curiosity, taste the future, live the present.

There is serious work to be done, and serious play too. Being curious, open, brave and honest we can create new worlds individually and together, inside and outside of ourselves – let’s make them as beautiful as they can be, as loving, as fair, as peaceful and as safe as we can.


A fascination, a fierce pride, love of a lioness
To keep you safe and stand behind you as you shoulder a storm
To warm your boots and stoke the fires in your heart where truth is forged

Coax me out onto the shore, ill coax you deep into the sea.
Sparkle and swim, bubble and dive, sink and spin, meet the new dawn shining on the sand…

Hand me the ropes in a raging storm, trusting my strength to hold fast
Hold firm your gaze when my eyes burn with rage, grief, desire.

Fire and water, steaming embers, sheer icy rock faces, flowing rivers of molten ground, melding merging striking twisting surrender.