These words my soul has been thirsty for…
Now I see how words don’t quite reach the deeper places
That burn with unquenchable love and need no water to survive
Now I see that what I tried to close off, wriggle away from
That primal and primary fire of love that rushed through me
Transmuting all I knew and transforming all I am
The pain of longing, when the expectation of its fulfilment is suspended
Leaves desire and purifying flames of love
I feel it now with joy that I feel it
It can’t be contained in platitudes designed to still the heart, ease the mind
The heart wants to throb and sing, the mind wants to dance
Now I see why we wriggle away from words
Trying to paint the sunset with so few colours to hand
Better to see it, breathe it in, feel it and let it go than try to hold it
Fragments of feeling filter through
I won’t be a prisoner of fear any more
I welcome the fire burning out of control, surrender to where it takes me
In my quest for balance and serenity, I’ve blocked the fountain of joy that’s been bubbling in me, where you shook me to the core and cracked open the rocks around my heart.
Now I welcome it’s cooling cascades and life giving force.
Fire and water, steam and ice, sensual and explosive, serene and enchanting.
I’m travelling now to meet myself and bring myself home

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