The hand that holds both my wrists, frees me from choice
The teeth that bite my lips for me, free me from asking

Am I a fool mesmerised by your magic.
The hero’s journey, the piper’s call.

What caverns of bliss invite my descent here?

You exhale defeat and your shoulders fall over your heart.
I draw a sharp breath and hold it in both arms.

It’s always a matter of control
We fight with ourselves in the dark.

The morning light scalds my skin as it pours over instead of in.
Flowing away like the tide we missed.
Our ship has sailed with no captain, lost to the waves of destiny.


A love song for the shore

Layers of letting go are landing.

Loss lingers like your scent in a room

like smoke in my hair, ashes in the wind

like stickiness and soreness.

Aching and weeping, closing like a daisy in the night.

My anchor is trailing, bowlines tangled, bow straining.

Wild waves whisper and wink.

My heart’s heavy to sink.

A wish, awash, afloat, adrift, a dream, a scheme…

Unfold in me and enfold me in you

Live in me lover – flicker and flame.

Fuel my freedom.

Home land lies behind a door that never closes, for the door is gone

Unhinged and blown away in the storm that carried me out to sea.

Leaving just a threshold.

And here I dance.