Posted in December 2013

I don’t want to hold the stories. Sometime they are there, sometimes they are not. When they are there it’s like they are all there is, when they are not there they don’t exist. When I am so simple there is not a lot to say or do except respond to life. That can take … Continue reading

I sit down to write ‘helpful’ stories,  ‘important’ stories about things that other people might want to know about, might value….but there’s always another story that wants to be told… What sucks me back to the raw sticky mess of a heart torn open? There’s beauty in it, vibrance, life, promise, surrender, sweet dreams, harsh … Continue reading

If I didn’t love you so much I could shock you, leave you, lie to you. Hurt you to try and wake you. This is not loves way. I can’t lie to you, I can’t hurt you or even pretend to leave you, no matter how many times you leave me. I wish I could … Continue reading

Out it pours in torrents and floods, salty gushes and sad songs. There’s always more, flowing through me. Wave after wave of kindness explodes on the shore into a thousand sparkling smithereens of grief. Don’t touch my shoulder and speak so softly Don’t understand me and see my soul Don’t you dare tell me you … Continue reading

In an empty room with no walls, all of everywhere is full. There is so much nothing no more can fit in. In that 99.9% of empty space love flows! love dances! love creates life. Into that empty space go all the echoes of our doing, and all the vibrations of our being, and out … Continue reading

I could say I’m scared to get close to you because you will be leaving so soon. But I’ve done it before. I could say I’m reluctant to get close to you because I don’t know where it’s going, but I never have. I could say many things. Or I could say nothing at all … Continue reading

“Real love is a permanently self-enlarging experience” ~ M Scott Peck If I were to write you a story, it might be for me. It might be for all of us. I might write you a story. I might let this be what I do, why make it anything else? One starry night you came, … Continue reading