I could say I’m scared to get close to you because you will be leaving so soon. But I’ve done it before.

I could say I’m reluctant to get close to you because I don’t know where it’s going, but I never have.

I could say many things. Or I could say nothing at all and just welcome you with an open heart and open arms. No promises, no resistance, no hiding, no deciding.

I could let you drift back to your cosy cave. I will always let you, there’s no holding here.

Commit to love, and commit to love yourself. Follow your passion, your pleasure, your blossoming, your bliss. Follow it to me, through me, into yourself, out into the world, wherever it takes you. Here we all meet on the road, to give each other gifts. Of acceptance, of love, of freedom, of understanding.

Can you be with me as I am? Truly? Full of messy love spilling over edges and out of boxes, melting cages and splashing into other peoples lives. Flowing with tears for my own reflection. Chasing my dreams and my shadow at the same time.

Can you be with me as I am? No promises and no protection. No path to follow and no mould to fit. Flowing and free form, all moments inside this one and nothing beyond but possibility

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