In an empty room with no walls, all of everywhere is full. There is so much nothing no more can fit in.

In that 99.9% of empty space love flows! love dances! love creates life. Into that empty space go all the echoes of our doing, and all the vibrations of our being, and out of that empty space comes life – the elegant alchemy of experience.

All of life is love and love comes from the sun. She animates the spaces in between star stuff. The tree sucks up the sun, fills itself root to branch with an abundance of light. Releases joyful bursts of blazing fire in the autumn.

Friction lures the sunshine back out of the wood, the warmth and the light of the sun enter our homes, illuminate our darkness, warm our bodies, enlighten our minds, makes shadows dance and eyes shine. Makes bodies soften and hearts glow.

One great hand, many puppets… the pleasure of rubbing our fingers together. One puppet cuddled close to another, sharing the warmth of the same life that animates both.

Life remembering itself, radiating itself, revelling in itself… like a kitten in the mirror.

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