Out it pours in torrents and floods, salty gushes and sad songs.
There’s always more, flowing through me.

Wave after wave of kindness explodes on the shore into a thousand sparkling smithereens of grief.
Don’t touch my shoulder and speak so softly
Don’t understand me and see my soul
Don’t you dare tell me you miss me.

I pulverise passion with heavy hearted hymns to melancholy
Squish delight with damp squibs of sorrow
Mush and mash the melting sweetness of what might have been with the mallet of mental chatter

Rock me awake, sway me to sleep, bring me back gently to your eyes and your arms
It’s all been a bad dream, I fell into my own mind and lost it.
Those stories aren’t you, they aren’t me, they aren’t love.
Beating myself with broken bricks from the walls that used to stand guard around my heart

I’m raw, I ache, I’m open and exposed. I’ve no protection and no way back.
I left no crumbs when I came into the forest
I brought no picnic

So I sit, and I wait and I listen.
The birds sing again, the light glitters down through the leaves once more, the stream sighs and flows on its way.
Welcome back to today.

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