Posted in February 2014

I’m waiting for you to come to me, with open arms and open heart, with the courage and vulnerability to be with me as I am, hold space for my unravelling, enter into it with me. I’m waiting for you to come with arms to hold my thrashing sobs and lyrical release. and I will … Continue reading

I’m wide awake and all of my energy is trapped in static, a film on pause I’m waiting for something to pop, for you to take your thumb off the cork so I can spill out all over everyone I feel flat but I know that give me just a little more space and air … Continue reading

I’m with you and yet you’re not here. Planning, working out, thinking why etc etc Then I remember to let it go Love is calling me, but then it calls me everywhere, and always That’s why it’s confusing, that’s why it’s crucial and irrelevant that I come to be with you physically That’s why you … Continue reading