I’m wide awake and all of my energy is trapped in static, a film on pause
I’m waiting for something to pop, for you to take your thumb off the cork so I can spill out all over everyone

I feel flat but I know that give me just a little more space and air and I’ll be effervescent
Give me one crack in the windscreen and I’ll shatter it
I feel dense. Coiled. Poised. Restrained.

I’ve written the next scene in my head, but I’m just not ready for it to roll.
I know whatever side reality hits from, she will come in like a tsunami and I’ll have no choice but to be the wave and ride it to wherever I wash up inside myself.

So this is not what I pencilled in.
But you know, at midnight. I was love, I was gratitude, I was lightness.

This is just a moment. Let it be.


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