Posted in March 2014

sitting at the wellspring… the bright baby bluebubbling, gurgling newnessof life coming into form the electric sparklelife giving flow meets the sunshine againlike ancient lovers reuniteddancing a flickering rainbow of their joy a young pegasus stands bypawing at the pretty torrentsnortingtossing his maneletting the singing silvertickle his velvet lips Advertisements

even treeshave a songeven treesknow their rootseven treesgrasp and striveif they know their meaning is to survive blue bottles bear the marks of yesteryeartrying in the canyon sunto build a home for everyonemagnificent shelter beauty filledone man’s trash songs of the new worldecho in valleysripple in waves around the worldgrateful hands and feetearth tiredkiss the … Continue reading

Heaven is sent on the wings of a butterfly The glance of a stranger The arc of a rainbow The salt of a tear The sting of a failure We do not know what’s next We do not know why Thank goodness for that.

Pruning Layers of dead wood Twiggy and tangled Clutching at new growth Keeping light out Keeping dank, dark in Festering Pruning Tangled inner branches Surplus, directionless, fruitless, striving Creating a clear space inside For sunlight to caress the trunk For breezes to blow through To focus vitality in the strong outer limbs To simplify growth … Continue reading

Don’t tear this moment to shreds Don’t impose perfection on a footloose future Never say never again. Here is the root of now. This is the only how Be free in it be one with it Be alive Where are the chains that held me? Gone, only my muscles still feel their pinching Will I … Continue reading