even trees
have a song
even trees
know their roots
even trees
grasp and strive
if they know their meaning is to survive

blue bottles bear
the marks of yesteryear
trying in the canyon sun
to build a home for everyone
magnificent shelter
beauty filled
one man’s trash

songs of the new world
echo in valleys
ripple in waves around the world
grateful hands and feet
earth tired
kiss the sea
sending love like a beacon

calling love back to now
back to hearts
back to sunsplashed moments
and sparkly-eyed smiles
come back to me on this beach
remember who you are

i’ll play for you
on this keyboard
a song of your soul

if you’ll let me touch your heart
with kid gloves
and shaking hands
at the magnificence
of who we are

an ocean of souls
rising and swelling
with the spring tide
ready to flood the land
and birth it anew

we are the drops, we are the wave, we are the ocean
salty tears and flowing hair
buoyant and liquid
salt water in our veins

in the vast empty spaces within
our spirit rests
like a fine perfume

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