Posted in May 2014

Time is so exciting these days Like a whole world under the blanket Patches of some other reality shining through Muffled sounds from everywhere and inside all at once Vibrant echoes of old campsites Simple beats of industry Hammer the messages home We are shifting Shifting Sands of time Now just sands and Every grain … Continue reading

Dancing yellow fields fly by like impossible summers Some things in this world are stained with you, infused with you The strangest things enter deeply into my heart Piercing, leaking, flowing Sighs Now it’s like a reflex An echo around the corner in yesterday’s cave Far off eyes wincing In the middle of the mundane … Continue reading

Slimline silver bimmers, crisp white shirts and heavy watches So many sailing by Inside one of them Is a heart of fire In an iron chest Buried Smouldering Choking smoke seeping out Inside all of them is a ticking clock A sleeping tiger A trembling child A heart of gold A million stories untold.

Just let it keep on burning through me Bubbling up in me Hissing and darkly dancing like hot lava Chucking rocks Let it burn away all that cannot stand All the lies they told us All the fear All the wanting All the illusions Let it burn through what I though love was Let it … Continue reading