Dancing yellow fields fly by like impossible summers
Some things in this world are stained with you, infused with you
The strangest things enter deeply into my heart
Piercing, leaking, flowing

Now it’s like a reflex
An echo around the corner in yesterday’s cave
Far off eyes wincing
In the middle of the mundane
In another life

I want to write and tell you I was there and never called
Knowing if it had been you
I would burn with rage
Knowing if I had called
I would have shrivelled inside

Like a martial artist
I’m using your resistance to move me forward
Conserving my energy deep in my core
Letting you push me further and further away
Like the shore pushes the tide
And it flows away
So that it can return
Some other way, day, time, life.

I don’t want a bungee rope
I don’t want a life line
Or a leash
For you to be mine

Just for you to be fine
And me to walk away
With grace
And fire.


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