Posted in November 2015


Tied up in pretty cellophane shining sesame crowns a treat you look like Christmas food or something from Austria. But you and I know That inside you are sucked dry Inviting, coquettish, but hard as stone No soft mouth pillows Only hard edges. You clang on the edge of the bowl Refusing to sink into … Continue reading

Born of a struggle

Born of a struggle

Feel I must Go deep Don’t push a poem out for a hungry crowd of inner critics milking the joy of living from my aching breast it will come out rancid and lifeless Butterflies and baby things must be born of a struggle a struggle to express to come out from inside not that it … Continue reading

Dancing queen

I go deep into flow. The wild wolf woman throwing back my head to howl delight and raw power of soul. The day dances along new partners on  the floor come bearing gifts laying destiny at my feet and looking on with worshipful awe. A newly born queen wings moist but unfurling a sleek lady … Continue reading

Be like water

When you are water, every rock wears away over time and tumbles – fragmented – downstream in your currents and swirls clattering in your eddies. Water cannot hold on.

Into the wild

All this time, did I ever tell what I wanted? Did I ever ask you to take me there? I feel like I did, and I saw you reaching for it again and again with other women. So I figured you must know. Even now you are doing it. And I’m doing it, with other … Continue reading