You never did.

You watched me struggle
To love myself
And chose to let me
Love you instead.

Captivated by
My open heart
You stuck in your thumb
For a sweet taste of it.

You punished
My defenceless longing
With lashes of your tongue across my hips
And sent me away.

You bathed your wounds
In the brine of my sweat
And my tears
And healed them.

I know now you never loved me.


The man who loves snow

The Man Who Loves Snow

Sometimes I can see her
Smiling approach.
Ethereal as feathers
Grounded as stone
Shaping the land around me.
Changing the vista
To something mistier.

Sometimes I can see her
Faraway in his eyes
Green fields glistening now
With pure white silk.

I did not know
That she was snow.
Blowing in with a perfect storm
Melting away with the warmth of our fire.
Far off and beautiful
Whispering magic to his soul.
Still out there in the cold.