Dear Friend…

Dear Friend,

I hear your call for healing. For remembering your wholeness. For uncovering your Self.

I hear your wish to be done with the old stories of who you are, of the traumas that make no sense, of the feeling of being without an anchor in the world and the fear of not knowing.

Dear Friend,

I cannot answer your questions and I cannot change your past.  Only you can do that.

Only you can build new pathways in your brain, choosing each moment with conscious will a different thought, a thought of the world you would like to be in, how you would like your world to be.

Only you can step off the repetitive track and let go of the painful familiarity of your old stories.

There is comfort in familiar pain, because it is known. It is what you know and you hold onto it tightly because what you don’t know feels like monsters in the dark. 

Dear Friend,

The choice you have before you is to trust life again, to trust yourself enough. To turn your head  just a fraction and look at beauty to see your reflection.

To feed the hungry ghosts with your loving attention, to hear them as parts of yourself put out in the cold and dark, disowned by you and cast out as unacceptable. Hear them, accept them, forgive them, love them. 

They are human parts of human you, who are holding all your pain and confusion for you. Thank them for trying to make sense of it all. Let them know they can put it down now and rest. They don’t need to carry it now because you are ready to let it go.

Dear Friend, 

I believe in you. I love you. I’ll be walking beside you all the way. I see your courage and your light and I believe in you.

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