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Meh. Break Up Poems.

Meh. Break Up Poems.

1. Straight off the train and it’s hanging in the air. Scanning everywhere For a glimpse of a moment gone by. I feel his hand on my thigh. Your name in lights, literally, above the night. Your name in lights, literally, above the night. It’s that time again When we began. The air feels just … Continue reading

Shadow dancers

Deeply shining Dark Entwining With light To dance. The bright beam of your gaze Fixes me to the spot. Somewhere a deer darts into the forest. I want to breathe with you Up against the walls. In dark corners of dark places. Where hearts overflow And time stops And beats pound through bodies Driving out … Continue reading

Dancing queen

I go deep into flow. The wild wolf woman throwing back my head to howl delight and raw power of soul. The day dances along new partners on  the floor come bearing gifts laying destiny at my feet and looking on with worshipful awe. A newly born queen wings moist but unfurling a sleek lady … Continue reading