This blog is where I write what’s in my heart. It’s not a “dear diary” kind of thing, orf a “today I had muesli and walked the guinea pig” kind of thing.

It’s like nuggets of realness, snapshots of a human heart beating, a peek inside my messy bedroom, catching me weeping in the car, uncontrollably laughter in the back of the classroom…

I’m writing and sharing this because I vote for a world where this is the kind of thing people do. Where we share a little more of our humanity. Not a social media exhibitionist persona-fied amped up version of ourselves, but the pure raw stuff that comes through when we are face to face with ourselves in the early hours of the morning, or alone at the airport overnight, or sat in a cafe on an unfamiliar street not knowing what comes next.

Some of the most inspiring, moving and transformative things I’ve read have been from the inner world and struggle of another human. So I hope there’s some value in sharing my own. If you think there might be, please read on and enjoy!


Professionally, I love working with words and will edit, revise and generate inspiring and effective copy from scratch for websites, newsletters, print media, social media or blogs.

I have a dedicated site for my copywriting work – Glowing Phrases – with more in depth information and case studies of past clients.

I am most excited about writing for the creative industries, along with entrepreneurs and visionaries in the wellbeing, sustainability and social enterprise sectors and have been working in these sectors myself for the past five years.

Prior to that I also have five years experience writing commercial copy for almost any industry sector you can think of from Energy to Banking to Gaming from my years in conference production.

As well as writing my own blog, I am currently a contributor and content curator at Digital Nomad a website for globe-trotting freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Copywriting clients include:
- Retreat Centres
- Event Venues
- Visual Artists and Designers
- Community Projects
- Freelance Consultants -Travel Websites